…to me it’s so key! ‘Too much’ or ‘too little’ is never any good. But perfection is never to be reached either. Balance, though, is trying to find and stay at that steady point that works for you, by conscious exploring and constant evaluation. Balance is what creates peace. But what does that actually mean to me?

I don’t believe we are but a body, wandering around this globe, looking for it to be pleased and satisfied. To me our being is a combination of different components, each having their contribution in the holistic concept of life. I’d like to portray these components as our body (our ‘temple’), mind (our thoughts), soul (our feelings) and spirit (our conscious). Add to this some ingredients, such as genes, morals, personality traits and interests, and you get a uniquely build, beautiful being.

Being such diverse and complex individuals requires internal balance. Letting just our emotions lead us will cause us to become unstable and untrustworthy, though our thoughts can be far from positive and truthful too. Making it all about our body will cause us to become shallow and uninteresting, but nobody wants to have an “all-day deep-talking, cloud-floating spiritual being” around either. Balance, babe.. It’s all about that balance.

Besides inner-balance we can create harmony in our external, daily lives. Habits and routines are dependent on our priorities, which, whether purposely or automatically, are what we live by. In some cases our natural behaviour doesn’t comply to what we really believe our priorities should be and this is where mindful rearrangement is needed.


who/what we prefer to spend

our time, energy and money on

The beauty of square one: the opportunity to change your lifestyle, the chance to reorganize priorities. Though I still had to take it step by step – as one can’t change everything at the same time – I wanted to shuffle up and construct my life differently for a while already. So I took the freedom to question myself whether the way I spend my days was illustrating my priorities too. Clearly, it wasn’t.

There were three elements I ideally imagined as my priorities, but they seemed to always fall in last place. I wouldn’t organize my time around them, but was more likely to think of them when I finished all I felt urged to do in the moment. And the shocking fact is that this was putting myself and my beliefs last on my own list.

Zen-focus | Spirit & Mind

Time to pray, to meditate, to listen, to reflect. Instead of starting my day mindfully, I tend to leave these healthy activities for when I had nothing left to do and, by then, I was actually too tired to do them.

As I consider it important to not rush into my day, leaving my conscious on the sideline, I now begin and end my day disconnected. Disconnected from the outerworld, from my phone and from all the other many stimuli that are just awaiting us at our bedside every morning. A devotional and prayer in the early hours of my day and my journal and meditation at the end of it are allowing me to keep a right spirit and peace of mind.

Work it out| Body

Though I am a professional dancer and certified personal trainer I manage to lack spending time working out my own body. Now I’m blessed with an, so far, always fit looking one, but don’t be deceived.

My body develops and defines its muscle without having to make much effort, so for me it matters to improve my endurance, flexibility, balance and just overall health. Dance improvisation, yoga and stretches have become part of my weekly routine again. Soon I’ll be putting on my boxing gloves again, too!

Purposeful devotion| Soul & Mind

Neglecting my passions and the need to create have possibly been one of the worst things I could’ve done to myself. Since it’s what I believe I’m made to do, I put aside that what gave me sense of purpose and sense of expression.

I’m now dedicated and made it my aim to daily experiment with the art disciplines that interests me. I’m devoted to continue developing my skills and expect to soon launch my first creative project, fusing it all together. No more excuses!

You may ask what did I spend my time on, if I didn’t spend it enough on myself. I dedicated majority of my time to others. Friendships, relationships, voluntary work, you name it. Though this is still very important to me, I had to realize that to be able to offer others my best energy, love and support I have to first humbly fuel myself. Let’s be honest, you can’t serve a person an empty glass.

New habits take time and therefore patience too, but practice makes perfect. They say it takes twenty-one days to create new habits and ninety to make it a lifestyle. How excited would it be to spend the next three weeks creating new uplifting habits and seeing the lifestyle you dreamed of finally establish!

Next week: the personality trait I discovered as a weakness, the blessing I discovered as a curse.

Are you still with me?


love & peace,


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