The Rebound

Writing this blog makes me happy! I managed to write a serie of blogs on difficult, intense and personal subjects, knowing that writing it would help me a lot in the process and progress and hopefully will reach others going through similar seasons. But now I’m ready to move on!

Before taking this initiative life offered me a lot of space to choose my tactics, the right rebound. My rebound didn’t only offer me distraction and a way to get back on track, but it created new love and passion in me, enough to bounce to higher levels. The past year has been such a difficult and dark time in my life, but it definitely caused me to fall in  love with and establish love for my rebound.

It’s a trap!

A setback is nothing but a setup. Life setting up some bumps and traps, some downs and lows, for you to redirect, focus and conquer. A setup for the better – ‘cause the best is yet to come.

This life-trap taught me to prioritize and to build habits according to my wanted lifestyle and health. It taught me to find balance in peace and to leave the pressure and rush of a future-mind aside. It showed me how to let my sensitivity work for me and how to respond to overstimulation and heartbreak. It showed me the power of patience and natural cures and the need of emotional healing after traumas. But above all it taught me to listen to the God in me – Shema – new levels.

In ever setback – setup – there are lessons. In every trap there’s a rebound.


Bounce back further

I decided to let this season be my trampoline, my catapult, unto higher levels. Throughout my life I got to know myself thoroughly – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically – and in this past year I got to dive even deeper in self-knowledge, understanding, acceptance and love. I decided it’s time to get to know myself creatively, to experiment, experience and expand on the talents, skills and passions I’ve been blessed with. Cause who I am is what I do – it’s time for some action!

No more excuses!

I’ve lived too long with useless excuses to not do (:be) what I want to do (:be). All of it was just an expression of fear – the serial killer. While finishing this blog series, and thereby ending this season, I put an end to anything that has kept me or is keeping me from evolving creatively.

Actions speak louder than words

… so I’m not gonna waste many more. But I do like to put down what I’ll be dedicating my time, effort, energy and money on, as a personal reminder, so you know what to expect (or be surprised by) the upcoming Thursdays and to create a sense of accountability.

  • Dance – time to get back to my first love
  • Experiment – challenge myself to develop my skillset on a weekly basis
  • Create – specific personal projects
  • Travel – while keeping Holland as my homebase, creating opportunity to get inspired by the earth’s beauty

I want to thank everyone who stood by me, continuously, by reading this blog series! It’s been such a support while slowly making an end to this challenging and life-changing season – I love you for it. If it has been an inspiration or help to you, please do share the series. If you are expectant of what is to come, then follow my site by leaving your email address – click follow in the menu.

Next: I’m done talking, you’ll see next week!


love & peace,


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