Justine-Claire X. Campagnard has always been known for her passion for dancing. From the moment she could sit up straight she was bouncing in front of the speaker boxes and she grew up she took every opportunity to dance her heart and emotions out. Dancing, singing and actually anything creative was her natural and most comfortable form of expression, as she used to be a shy girl.

From the age of 12 she performed with her local church group in churches, dance battles and clubs and got to develop confidence, character and charisma. This caused her to think about the lifestyle and principles she wanted to be known for:


“Being nayk.d – to me it means to live, love and create as real, simple, transparent and vulnerable as I possibly can, always striving to learn more and getting better at being ‘naked’.”


nayk.d is currently known and working as a professional dancer, while she’s expanding her artistry by developing  her skills as a writer, all-round performing and creative artist.