Haberdashery & Jewelry

    "No more excuses". It's been my motto for this series of creative experiments. It still is, don't get me wrong. But this time, besides than not having much time, I couldn't find what I wanted to work with. Up until a couple of hours ago. I selected some old jewelry and buttons and [...]


      I would never call myself a fashionista, I don't even dress the way I'd really love to, yet. But I always have had a love for fashion styling and design, used to recycle my old clothes, and even started study fashion once - started, as I quit my studies after a year; couldn't [...]


        As I'm thinking of what I could do for my first creative experiment post I decided to use the discipline that I got interested in just a couple of months ago. In my free time I started experimenting with paint and I loved the freedom of it. But often I did [...]