Effin’ heartaches!

For those who want to live life, experiencing a heartache is inevitable. Some are minor, some major. Some are expected, some unexpected. But all are inevitable, uncontrollable and uncomfortable. And all need treatment, healing, care. My first heartbreak didn’t have anything to do with me, but did impact me. Unfortunately too many will understand the [...]

Three steps back,…

Try living without breathing. We all know what the consequences, don't we? Now imagine living without what is dear to you, that what makes you feel alive instead of living. That life element that fuels you and charges you to overcome the challenges that might come with it. That lifestyle that allows you to let [...]

It didn’t happen overnight..

It's right around the corner - you don’t even notice the smooth transition into a next season. A season we are prepared, yet never ready for. A season of new lessons, therefore a season full of challenges. I never expected this season to be this life-changing. Meaning, I never expected this season to be this [...]